About the book

Indonesia Emas Berkelanjutan 2045: Kumpulan Pemikiran Pelajar Indonesia Sedunia

Series 01 Ekonomi


About the book

  • This book is a part of 12 book series on “Indonesia Emas Berkelanjutan 2045” (Sustaniable Golden Indonesia 2045) written by Overseas Indonesian Students Association Alliance (OISAA)

  • SDGs are used as our guide making sure the book covers sustainability and inclusivity.

  • This book in particular uses goals 1, 8 dan 10.

  • This book is published by LIPI Press and can be accessed here

About this book

Goals 1: Poverty eradication

  • Poverty eradication in Indonesia including social protection programs.

Goals 8: Decent work and economic Growth

  • Economic growth, labor productivity, tourism, (youth) employment and skill and education progress, among others

Goals 10: Reduced inequality

  • Sustainable migration, progress in reducing inequality in general but also among rural-urban, islands, and gender.


Kuliah Umum

Profesor (Emeritus) Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Jakti

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