Unpacking the Neraca Komoditas


In this event, I discusses CIPS Policy Paper No. 47 “The Advent of A New Trade Governance After The Omnibus Law, Neraca komoditas” by me, Deasy and Donny. The paper is about indonesia’s recent development of trade policy, the Neraca Komoditas. Neraca Komoditas is one of Omnibus Law’s follow-up regulation on trade, said to use data on supply and demand to set quota on export and import. It aims to help firms access intermediate inputs. We provide some analysis on how it may not actually help the cause.

Jan 27, 2022 2:30 PM — 3:30 PM

To access the paper, click the thumbnail above or alternatively click here

The recorded event:

Krisna Gupta
Krisna Gupta

Research mainly on international trade and investment policy and its impact on firms. Indonesia in particular is my main geographical focus.

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