will IA-CEPA be the boost to the Australia-Indonesia relationship leaders are banking on

Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham and his Indonesian counterpart, Minister Enggartiasto Lukita, signed the agreement back in March 2019. Photo by the Australian Embassy Jakarta on Flickr.


IA-CEPA excited everyone when it was taken into effect, a result of 10 years long of negotiations between two great neighbours in the region. It is hoped that the economic relation between the two can be synergized and hopefully improve interdependency which then strengthen political relationship as well. We are sceptical that IACEPA would economically matter at least in the short to medium term, but celebrates the right step taken between both countries. See the complete publication in Indonesia at Melbourne’s website

Indonesia at Melbourne
Krisna Gupta
Krisna Gupta

Research mainly on international trade and investment policy and its impact on firms. Indonesia in particular is my main geographical focus.

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