Cover Music Video on Youtube

Earth, Wind, and Fire - September Cover

September Cover with the bandids! I record this at home, and filmed the clip at Hackett’s bus station. I had to wait until the first bus came, and then record it quickly lol.

Jackson 5 - I Want You Back Cover

Jackson 5 cover with the bandids! The scenery is a small pond in Dickson. It is a walking distance from where I live.

Radiohead - Creep Cover

Radiohead Creep cover with my colleage in Politeknik APP, Aji. It was fun cover back when I had time hahaha. This is filmed in Poltek APP.

Bobby Helms - Jingle Bell Rock Cover

Jingle Bell Rock cover with my friends. We did this to welcome Christmas back in 2017

Krisna Gupta
Krisna Gupta

Research mainly on international trade and investment policy and its impact on firms. Indonesia in particular is my main geographical focus.